Just a few things about me…


I love to travel

I'm married to my best friend

I have 3 little boys

Bath Bombs from Lush make me happy

Popcorn with extra butter is a must

I'm very organized and believe there is a home for everything

I love Thai food and Sushi

I'm detail oriented

Efficiency is my friend

Fresh flowers make me smile

I love my family

I believe in God

I'm from Utah but I live in Dallas TX

I love to be outside

White linens are my favorite

I can't leave the house without my iphone

I appreciate the smart, classy, thoughtful, intelligent, sophisticated and humorous

I love to laugh

I can't live without Mac makeup

I'm addicted to Lululemon

I love techno music

I'm a foodie

I could live at the beach

I love diet coke and sugar cookies

Utah summers make me happy

I love to exercise

I'm always on the go

Shopping is my other obsession

Photography is my passion